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Business leaders and intellectuals are debating what is the best use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the next generation business model. How to create an economic justice for the world so far it has not happened as yet?. The rich and powerful economic giants use the global community to increase their data feed or do they provide a fair share of resources in exchange?. Working over 20 years in utilizing international financial aids gives me some idea how to best use the future aid resources in the global business capacity development. If that is the cases then the aid resource could be a profound global economic opportunity. On contrary the most developing countries misconceived that international financial aid is the continuous stream of the national finance. This led to create more financial dependency on the developing world. The present day climate crisis may be because of the miss utilization of bi-lateral aids. However, there is a strong hope in the young generation. These folks have immense information resource to learn that how they can shape their future toward a path of posterity.

To bring economic justice, the small business communities should focus more on the Biological Intelligence (BI) than the AI. The reason being there is still plenty of agricultural land for the best use of the production of food, medicine and basic need for humans. According to the google “half of all habitable land is used for agriculture. This leaves only 37% for forests; 11% as shrubs and grasslands; 1% as freshwater coverage. Best use of BI will bring the best biological resources utilization that will maintain the environment and reduce carbon. The US Policy is moving toward the 0 carbon by 2050 and some climate activist already advocating toward the best use of agricultural land by applying diversity cropping methods. According to the NPR podcast, US has nearly 1.9 Billion acres of land and most of that used either to grow cattle or to grow cattle feed. Following are my suggestion on how to develop a bio based small business.

1. Understand the Full Potential of AI:

There are several ambiguities about AI for most of the population in the developing world. The expansion of social media has helped small portion of the business development as most small business owners do not have easy access to the financial resources. The overwhelming use of advertisement and media campaign does not truly address the need of the small business enterprises. The small business community must know the detail of the AI and its streaming mechanism for small business to grow.

2. Assess Appropriation or Misappropriation of Science:

I worked for 20+ years with the NGO supported by the international aid from USA and Europe. Many research completed, articles and book written and published, and several national and international scientists totally engaged in the bringing new ideas intend to serve the biodiversity or the community. However, there is no careful assessment of appropriateness or mis appropriateness of the applied science. Study completed, scientists either returned to their home country or stayed in the country where they got their degree. The question remains whether the modern science actually contributed to the developing country’s effort to develop their own small business toward bringing economic independence. In my personal experience and having a conversation with other fellows in the academia, majority express their frustration. Their concern is very hard to mobilize the resources for the creative innovation because policymakers seek more financial resources rather than than listening to innovative ideas that could be useful for sustainable development.

3. Develop BI at the Unit Level:

The grass root information collection mechanism has to be established for the benefit of small business communities. The government has data collection mechanism every 10 years and such mechanism will only gather population demography and some agricultural data. However, there is no concerted effort in documenting unit level resource availability and potential. This would be an ideal time to develop a unit level data focusing on BI so the information on local resources best use for business innovation. Traditional knowledge and idea should get secured with a patient registration so the local knowledge remains with local also create a revenue source. The future world is going to be a different from the past. If everyone understands the importance of biotech, then the BI will add value for the next generation business model that serves the globe.

4. Change Market Research Direction:

Small businesses should conduct their own market research. The future market research to be directed toward solving the community problem through enterprises. For example, market researcher should focus on the underlying social and economic problems and invent idea or methods. Make business to produce a product that will solve the local problem as well as generate revenue. This need a careful planning to develop a small business based on the local resources coupled with the traditional knowledge and wisdom. The author was engaged in establishing an indigenous healing center in the tourists town in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. This clinic became popular for some time as they based on the indigenous methods of healing. However, policy makers never understood the grass root initiatives of small business that were totally based on the indigenous knowledge.

Narayan Dhakal

Independent Research Consultant, Diversity Intelligence in Climate Action. Working in diversity knowledge management for climate justices.

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